Certificate of no default with KRUS contributions


If you pay insurance contributions to KRUS, in some situations, such as for example when applying for a bank loan, you will need to obtain a certificate from KRUS that you have not been in arrears with your contributions.


How to obtain a certificate of no default with contributions from Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS)

  • Certificates shall be issued on request (application) of the person concerned. Unlike in the case of ZUS certificates, there is no special application form for an issue of a certificate. You can send your application in paper form, signed by hand, you can send it by post or you can submit it in person to the KRUS branch office where you conduct your business.
  • You can also send an application for a certificate by electronic mailbox KRUS on ePUAP (learn more) - the letter should be authenticated with an electronic signature confirmed by a qualified certificate or a Trusted Profile (learn more).

Time limits

KRUS will issue you with the certificate immediately, no later than within 7 days.

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