I want to conduct business in Poland

You already know that you want to be an entrepreneur and conduct business in Poland – congratulations.

What you need to know before you start a business activity

Before you start the procedure of registration your company, you have to make several important decisions, which will affect your rights and obligations. If you already know, what type of activity you would like to conduct, we have prepared for you guides on how to start a business in various sectors which will simplify the first steps. Use the search engine of guides to learn more about the types of activity, the rights and obligations of entrepreneurs and other matters related to the operation of the company.

Legal form

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to operate as a sole trader or civil-law partnership (entry in CEIDG) or in a more advanced form – partnership registered in the National Court Register (KRS).

You do not know which form to choose. We will help you. Read the section Forms of conducting a business activity.

Start-up package for new companies

Since 30 April 2018, within the framework of the Constitution of Business, new facilities have been introduced for entrepreneurs starting their business

  • If you run a small business (e.g. small trade or services), you can take advantage of the provisions on so-called non-registered activity and avoid the obligation to register your business.
  • If you register an activity, you can take advantage of the ZUS relief and pay only health insurance contributions for 6 months.

Find out:

Business bank account

As an entrepreneurs you need a bank account for settlements with trading partners and to pay taxes and contributions to Social Insurance Office (ZUS). If you wish to be an entrepreneur entered in the CEIDG you are not always obliged to open an additional business account.

You do not know if you need an additional bank account, we will help you.

Read the article Bank account of entrepreneur entered in CEIDG.

Here you can find advice regarding the choice of a bank account suitable for your company.

Name of business

Each business activity must have a name. In case of entry in CEIDG entrepreneur's company is at least his name and surname. In case of entities registered in the National Court Register (KRS), the name of a company depends on the type of partnership. Some words cannot be used if the company does not conducts certain activity. There are restrictions in financial sector. Moreover, the name may not mislead clients in terms of area of activity.

You do not know what name to choose for your company. We will help you. Read additional information.

Area of activity – PKD

Next issue which you have to keep in mind before you start a business activity is its scope. While registering you need to state what the area of your activity is by choosing PKD code. If you change profile of your activity, the change of PKD is possible at any time.

You do not know which PKD code to choose, we will help you. Use PKD code search engine.

Place of business

Each company must have a registered office. It can be your flat/house or a rented office. Selection of a place determines the tax office where you will need to settle income tax

You have doubts where your registered office should be, we will help you. Read additional information.

When you do not have to register your business activity

Not all business activities are subject to registration.

Check when you do not have to register a business activity

The process of registration

Registration and conducting business activity by a proxy

Remember that as a rule, all operations connected with registration of company can be made by a proxy. During registration you can appoint a proxy to represent you as an entrepreneur.

You do not know how to do it, we will help you. Read the article on proxies.

The method of submitting an application - in paper or online

Irrespective of whether you register a company in the CEIDG register or the National Court Register (KRS), you can do this in traditional form – filling in the paper application and lodging it in the office or court. You can also fill in and submit the application online. You will need an electronic signature  or the trusted profile. Electronic identification can be useful not only for registration but also for further remote managing of your business activity e.g. suspension or resuming of activity, as well as correspondence with offices, including Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

If you employ more than five workers an electronic form of communication with the authorities mentioned above is mandatory.

You do not know how to obtain trusted profile or electronic signature, we will help you.  Read the article on this subject.

You can now start the procedure for registration/updating your activities.  Regardless of whether you register self-employment, a civil law partnership or a company governed by commercial law, we would like to invite you to read the section Registration of business.

Restrictions concerning setting up a business activity

Keep in mind that some activities may be conducted only after obtaining additional qualification.  It can also be the case that to be able to carry out activity in question a separate entry in the register is required.  Certain activities may not be conducted by the entrepreneur entered in the CEIDG.

Find out what is public regulation of business activity. Read information in section Restrictions on conducting business activity.

After registration

If you successfully registered your business activity, remember about additional obligations.

The choice of forms of taxation, VAT, cash register

When you decide for entry in CEIDG register – you will be liable to personal income tax (PIT). In this case you may choose one of many forms of taxation . Choose wisely as this will determine how many formalities have to be completed and the level of tax to be paid ( each form of taxation has its pros and cons). Change of taxation form can take place only in specified time limits.

If you decide for entry in the National Court Register, in most cases you will be liable to corporate income tax (CIT).

Depending on the choice of the company, before registration you have to comply with a number of formalities.

If you want to know more about the available forms of taxation, please consult the information in the section Forms of taxation.

If you want to register as a VAT payer – read the section VAT registration.

Other information on your tax obligations is available in the section Settlements of taxes.

Social and health insurance (ZUS, KRUS, insurance abroad)

You need to register as a person insured in Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and if you employ workers or a family member helps you, they are also subject to notification. If you are insured in KRUS ( you are a farmer or a member of his family) and you want to set up a business activity, under certain conditions you can be entrepreneur and remain in KRUS. Find out more about insurance in KRUS.

Information on the registration in the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) can be found in the section Registering for insurance.

More information about obligations towards ZUS can be found in the section I want to insure myself.

Notification and identification numbers

To conduct a business in Poland you are required to have two numbers issued automatically in the registration process- Tax Identification Number (NIP), which is also used for VAT registration and statistical number (REGON), for identification and reporting purposes ( indicated also on the company stamp). In the framework of registration procedure National Labour Inspectorate and Chief Sanitary Inspectorate are notified. They carry out controls in the field of safety and health at work.

Registration of business activity of a natural person is an administrative procedure and is free of charge. Registration of  commercial partnership is a judicial procedure subject to charges.

A certificate of registration

For both individuals and commercial companies a printout from the relevant website constitutes a certificate of registration (also NIP and REGON) .  In accordance with Polish law, public authorities cannot require certificates if the required data is available in electronic registers.

Additional information

If the choice of legal form, registration and tax and insurance settlement are incomprehensible to you use the Help Centre and ask us your question. 

You may also entrust handling of many cases to external company, get advice from the article I am choosing an accounting office.

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