Online banking, trusted profile, electronic signature - handling official matters online

Do you want to handle an official matter online via In order to do so you have to confirm your identity and sign the application sent to the office electronically.

Learn more about how to handle your case online.

Read the material on how to handle an official case electronically using the eWnioski (eApplications) website?

Confirming identity

If you handle an administrative matter via, the first step it always confirmation of your identity. If you are a registered user of, your identity will be confirmed after logging in on the basis of data which you provided during a registration of your account (first name, surname, email address). Go to login/registration page.

You do not need to register on if:

  • you have a Trusted Profile - logging in this case takes place using your accout on Trusted Profile,
  • you have a Trusted Profile confirmed by online banking in Envelo (Bank Pocztowy), ING, Inteligo, Millennium, Banku Pekao, PKO BP, BZ WBK, mBank.

Signing applications

Each application submitted to the office online shuld be signed. You can do this by using a Trusted Profile (remember it is only for contacts with administration) or qualified electronic signature.

You can also sign applications using your online banking services if you confirmed trusted profile by your online banking.

What is a Trusted Profile? What is it used for? How to get a Trusted Profile?

A Trusted Profile is a free method of certifying identification of a citizen in electronic public administration systems - this is an equivalent to the qualified electronic signature.

Using a Trusted Profile you can handle administrative procedures (i.e. send a letter, appeal, complaint) by electronic means, without the necessity to visit the office.

To obtain a trusted profile you should:

1. set up an account on Trusted Profile portal (read the instruction how to set up an account) and submit an application for certifying this account;

2. confirm the application by visiting the chosen authentication point with an ID or passport. Authentication points can be found in: tax offices, branches of Social Security Institution, consulates, banks (find authentication point)

You can also confirm profile by a qualified electronic signature.

Important! If you use Internet banking in Envelo (Bank Pocztowy), ING, Inteligo, Millennium, Banku Pekao, PKO BP, BZ WBK, mBank, you can confirm your profile through banks, without having to visit the office. More information can be found in the article Using eApplication and CEIDG through Internet banking.

What is the advantage of using banking? When you set up a profile through Internet banking, you may go through all the steps by means of your electronic banking services.

What matters related to the company's activity can be handled using the Trusted Profile

Why is it worthwhile to have a Trusted Profile? With it you can handle the most important business issues online. Below are examples of popular services.

Company registration

If you have a Trusted Profile you can:

Change of company data, suspension, resumption and liquidation of the company

Using the Trusted Profile you can report any changes in your company's data (change of address, company name, etc.) in CEIDG.

You can also submit and confirm applications for suspension, resumption and closure of your company.

If you have registered your company in S24 system, you can confirm changes with a Trusted Profile.

ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)

Trusted Profile will allow you to handle matters in the Social Insurance Institution through the ZUS Electronic Services Platform (PUE ZUS). Electronic Services Platform ZUS - PUE ZUS.

Popular ZUS issues handled online with the Trusted Profile on PUE ZUS:

  • submitting an application for a certificate of no default in paying contributions,
  • submitting an application for deferral of contributions,
  • notification and de-registration of insured persons,
  • granting a power of attorney to perform legal acts in relations with ZUS (ZUS-PEL form) e. g. power of attorney for an accountancy office employee,
  • checking the balance of contributions and statements and payments,
  • receiving information on insurance, payments or benefits,
  • making an appointment to visit any ZUS office.

Using the Trusted Profile, you can also register your insurance with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) during the registration process. See for more information.

Tax office

Change in taxation form

Natural persons running a sole proprietorship and holding a Trusted Profile may submit a change of taxation form to the Tax Office via CEIDG. To this end, you must complete an application for a change of entry and, if you choose a tax card, attach a PIT-16 form.

Other tax documents
If you have a Trusted Profile, you can use it to sign and submit:

  • VAT registration applications,
  • PIT-WZ (application for drawing up of a tax statement),
  • PIT-OP (statement on transfer of 1% tax to public benefit organizations),
  • PIT-37 (return on income earned in the tax year),
  • PIT-38 (return on income earned in the tax year),
  • JPK_VAT(Standard Audit File for Tax).

Thanks to the Trusted Profile, you can also:

Cases related to entries in the registers

By using the Trusted Profile you will handle issues related to an entry (application, deletion, change of data) in the regulated business registers. You can also sign applications for the necessary permits and licences (e. g. for retail sale of alcohol, permits necessary for transport, investigation license, notification of personal data to GIODO).

Applications can be submitted through There you will find applications on issues such as: alcohol and tobacco, security and safety, education and science, real estate, personal data protection, food production, accounting, finance and insurance, training, transport, tourism, construction authorizations, health.

Reporting issues

Thanks to the Trusted Profile, you can send and sign many types of reports related to running a company (including reports on the use of the environment, the waste generated). Search for the application you are interested in on

Additional information

Important! You do not sign the Trusted Profile, among others:

  • tax returns and information (apart from the above mentioned), however, they can be submitted electronically via the e-Deklaracje portal without the need to have a Trusted Profile,
  • limited liability company cannot be liquidated,
  • no changes can be made to the National Court Register if the company was not registered online,

Qualified electronic signature. Where can I buy it and how much will it cost?

You can buy a qualified electronic signature from one of the providers - companies supervised by the Ministry of Digital Affairs. Up-to-date list  of companies can be found on NCCert.

It is also possible to use e-signature granted by qualified entities in any EU countries.

Certification services are of commercial nature and the price is determined by the entities providing these services. The prices differ depending on the duration of validity of the certificate (one or two years) and the type of device used for signing (USB card reader, USB token, or a PCMCIA card). You can also buy the certified card without the reader, or just the reader and additional software license. The customer concludes a subscription agreement with a qualified entity, the terms of which are indicated by the certification policy or the certification procedure code. The purchase of an electronic signature for the purposes of business activity may be accounted for as tax deductable expenses for the business activity.

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