E-services: biznes.gov.pl, electronic signature and trusted profile

Where can I buy a secure electronic signature and how much will it cost?

A secure electronic signature can be currently bought in one of the five companies providing service in this area (qualified entities providing certification services in the field of an electronic signature), entered in the register of the Ministry of Development.

Certification services are of commercial nature and the price is determined by the entities providing these services. The prices differ depending on the duration of validity of the certificate (one or two years) and the type of device used for signing (USB card reader, USB token, or a PCMCIA card). You can also buy the certified card without the reader, or just the reader and additional software license. The customer concludes a subscription agreement with the qualified entity, the provisions of which are indicated by the certification policy or the certification procedure code. The purchase of an electronic signature for the purposes of business activity may be accounted for as tax deductable expenses for the business activity.

What is a trusted profile? What is it used for? How to get a trusted profile?

A trusted profile is a free method of certifying identification of a citizen in electronic public administration systems - its equivalent to the secure electronic signature, verified with a qualified certificate.

Using a trusted profile, a citizen may take care of administrative procedures (i.e. submit applications, appeals, complaints) by electronic means, without the necessity of personal appearance in the office.

To obtain a trusted profile, you must:

1st way - for all citizens:

  • Sign in to the ePUAP platform (after prior creation of an ePUAP account),
  • Fill out the application form for creating the profile,
  • Within 14 days, appear at the point certifying the profile in order to confirm identification.

2nd way - for persons holding an electronic signature:

  • Sign in to the ePUAP platform (an ePUAP account is required),
  • Fill out the application form for creating the profile,
  • Confirm your data using an electronic signature with a qualified certificate.

Registration of the user's accout - e-service

The principle of submitting an application online in biznes.gov.pl and the Central Register and Information on Business (CEIDG) is confirmation of identity of the person who the application relates to and signing the application.

In case of holding an ePUAP account, there is no need to register the user on the ePK website, as signing in takes place with the use of the ePUAP account. If you do not have one, it is necessary to provide the basic data (first and last name, email address) and to indicate a password, which will allow to create a user's account. Go to the login/registration page

In order to sign the application and send it electronically to the appropriate office, you must use the secure electronic profile or the free ePUAP trusted profile.


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