Forms of conducting business activity

When registering business activity, you have various legal forms to choose from. The two principle forms are: sole tradership and limited liabilty company (find out more).

Choose the form of comapny that you are interested in and find out how to set it up. 


                  in a traditional manner

                Registered or limited partnership online


If you do not know which form to choose, read general information on the types of companies

If you need more detailed information, we have created an interactive guide - Registration of business activity.


Foreigners, including EU citizens

If you are a citizen of another EU Member State, you can register business activity on the basis of the same principles as citizens of Poland.

If you are a citizen of the EU, who has a registered business activity in your Member State, you may provide services in Poland through a branch of your enterprise or on the basis of temporary cross-border provision of services.

You take the same steps if you are a Polish citizen and you have registered business activity in another EU Member State.

If you are a foreigner from beyond the EU, depending on the country of origin, the possibility of registering business activity may be restricted. Just like in the case EU citizens, if you have a registered business activity in your native country, you can operate in Poland through a branch of your enterprise.

If you are a foreigner and you want to know more about setting up and conducting business activity in Poland, read the information in the section Foreigners.

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