Ograniczenia w prowadzeniu działalności

In Poland there is freedom of establishment. This means that unless a special act provides for restrictions, anyone can set up and run a business without additional approvals and permits.

Regulated activity

Certain types of business activity (due to the scope of activity) require the applicant to meet additional requirements, as a condition to be entered in a separate register. Sometimes the requirements concern the entrepreneur (required education, completion of additional training, lack of criminal record for particular crimes), sometimes you must meet additional requirements (hold appropriate infrastructure - premises meeting additional requirements, a bank guarantee).

Requirements vary widely, depending on the regulated profession that you want to perform. Examples of business activities requiring completing additional administrative procedures, are: trade in alcohol, fuels, activity of currency exchange offices, trade in weapons, employment agencies, manufacture of tobacco products.

If you do not know, whether the business activity chosen by you is subject to additional requirements, check it out, using the PKD (NACE) code search engine or the search engine for regulated activity procedures

Restrictions in the choice of a legal form

Some types of business activity require registration in a particular legal form, or restrict a particular to persons holding indicated competence.

An example of such is a professional partnership, where partnership is restricted to representatives of the so-called liberal professions. Partners in this partnership may only be persons who have the right to practice one of the following liberal professions: advocate, pharmacist, architect, civil engineer, expert auditor, insurance broker, tax consultant, stock broker, investment advisor, accountant, physician, dental surgeon, veterinary surgeon, notary public, nurse, midwife, legal counselor, patent attorney, property valuer and sworn translator.

Restriction of the form may also arise from the scope of the conducted business activity. Some types of business activities cannot be registered in the Central Register and Information on Business CEIDG - the entrepreneur must register the company in the National Court Register KRS. For example it is the cultivation of certain crops and breeding certain animals, insurance and reinsurance activity, activity in the field of: fire protection, trade unions, sports clubs.

Sometimes restrictions reach even further and the act indicated the legal form of the company, which must be registered in order to conduct a particular activity. These are exceptional situations though, and are limited to the financial sector, such as the activity of banks or insurance companies.

If you do not know, whether the business activity chosen by you is subject to additional requirements, check it out by using the PKD (NACE) code search engine.

Restrictions in acquiring real property

If you are a foreigner, check out other restrictions which may occur. Please refer to information in section Foreigners, EU citizens


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