Since 14 June 2012 ZUS  Electronic Services Platform has been operating  - portal of the Social Insurance Institution enabling to handle most cases electronically.

Upon registration the ZUS customer receives a login and password chosen to his/her own PUE profile.  In order to protect the data contained on the profile, it is necessary to confirm the identity before the activation.  Customers who already have a trusted profile of Public Administration Services Platform (ePUAP) or electronic signature verified by means of a qualified certificate can confirm the identity at the time of registration.  All the others have to personally visit the ZUS unit.

What are the advantages of the PUE?

Use of PUE enables the insured person and payers access to data recorded on ZUS accounts, offers the possibility of easy production and electronic transmission of registration and settlement documents and different types of applications.  In this way you can also book a visit to ZUS.

By means of PUE the insured person himself may check for example whether e.g. contributions payer registered him and family members to insurance, check the status of account, sums paid to OFE or calculate projected old-age pension and submit to ZUS various types of requests. Contributions payer on the other hand, may verify the data of persons registered to insurance, submit an applications and obtain a certificate of non-liability, submit other applications on settlements, see summary declarations and payments (contribution payers to 100 insured persons may also produce and send settlement documents, register or deregister insured persons).

The recipient can verify detailed information on received benefits, to book a visit in the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) check the medical certificates ZUS ZLA and a doctor may issue specific types of medical certificates and view issued ZUS ZLA certificates.

ZUS Electronic Services Platform is being extended with new functionalities.

Find out more about e-sick notes

Not only via the Internet

Customers may also handle a matter or obtain information by telephone, via the Telephone Service Centre.  In the case of matters of confidential nature, concerning, for example, the data of a particular ZUS customer, a caller will be asked to provide PIN code and identification.  All persons are entitled to obtain information of a general nature and it does not require a trusted profile.

Contact with Telephone Contact Centre(COT) ZUS:

22 560 16 00 — dedicated to mobile phones and fixed domestic and foreign lines..

Consultants are available:

on working days Mon - Fri: 7.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

email: cot@zus.pl

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