From the article Bank account of entrepreneur entered in the CEIDG you learnt that one of the basic tools required to run a business, to facilitate the accounting for staff members, counterparties and offices is a business account.  As many entrepreneurs, by deciding to set up an account, you will consider the choice of an appropriate offer.  This is not easy, particularly in view of the diversity of banks offers.  The differences may relate not only to the costs related to the operation of accounts, but also for example additional benefits.  It may be the case that the bank whose charges for keeping accounts are slightly higher than those of its competitors, offers a great number of unique additional services, useful for the conduct of the business.  Remember that in analysing proposals for business accounts, in many cases you can meet promotional offers, which expire after a certain period of time. Your choice should be well thought out and not cause the need for frequent changes.  The longer you have an account at a given bank, the higher your credibility and, for example, a chance to obtain credit.

You should also be aware that banks make their fees subject to transactions on the account e.g. turnover or the number of transactions.

Selection of the account

The decision on the choice of bank is an individual one and will depend on  size and type of activity, the turnover of your company.  However, we want to make it easier for you to understand the offers and basic charges related to the use of a bank account in activity.  Each entrepreneur opting for cooperation with particular bank takes into account several factors:  the amount of fees, quality of service, additional services linked to a bank account.  Below you will find links to individual banks offers  addressed to entrepreneurs.

The following breakdown is indicative and not a ranking, its purpose is not to evaluate which account is better and which is less favourable.  Read the offers of different banks and choose the most suitable offer for your company.

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Bank accounts for entrepreneurs

in the alphabetical order of the names of the banks


iKonto Biznes

Pakiet Mój Biznes
Pocztowe Konto Firmowe
Pakiet Biznes Lider
Biznes Pakiet
Pakiet Citi Priority
Konta firmowe
dbNET Biznes
e-Biznes Konto
Konto na Start Moja Firma
Firma to ja
Konto Direct dla Firmy
Konto firmowe
Rachunek Tandem
mBiznes konto
Konto Biznes
BIZnest Konto
Pakiet Biznes
Wymarzone Konto dla Biznesu
  T-Mobile konto Biznes 
Rachunek firmowy
Plus Konto Biznes

Banks may submit their offers on that list by means of a form.  The bank accounts are published in alphabetical order.

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