Changing a company account - who do I need to notify?

In the article Where to open an account? you will find practical tips for selecting the bank that will keep your company's account when you start your business. It may happen that another bank will offer you more advantageous terms and conditions and you will decide to change it. Remember that changing your company's bank account requires you to inform not only your customers, but also the relevant authorities involved in running your business - especially the Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

Change of bank account - company in CEIDG

If you are an entrepreneur registered in CEIDG, you have an obligation to update your company details - including those related to bank account/accounts. You can update them by filling in the relevant fields in the CEIDG form. These are: mandatory company details (marked with an asterisk on the form) and bank account information in field 28 (continued in the CEIDG-RB section)

Remember that when you update the information in CEIDG you do not have to inform the Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office about bank account change! Up-to-date information from CEIDG will be passed on to ZUS and tax office without the need for additional action from your side.

Change of bank account - civil law partnership

If the change of bank account concerns a civil law partnership, within 7 days you are obliged to notify changes to the Tax Office using the NIP-2 form (and possibly attachments concerning bank accounts).

There is no need to submit additional forms for updating payer's data in the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

Change of bank account - a partnership from the National Court Register (KRS)

In the case of partnerships registered in the National Court Register, a change of bank account requires the tax office to be informed. You update your company account information on the NIP-8 form (with attachments, if any) within 7 days from the date of the change. In this case, there is no need to inform the Social Insurance Institution - updated data are transferred to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) on the basis of information contained in the NIP-8 form.

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