Rejestracja działalności albo oddziału


You already know the name of your business activity and where registered office is going to be located. You know the type of your activity. If you are registering economic activity in CEIDG you also know what form of taxation to choose. In case of the National Court Register (KRS) you know in what form you want to operate.

It's time to register a business activity

Choose the type of company you are interested in and find out how to register it.

You cannot decide which form of business to choose? We will help you. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of companies and partnerships.

How to submit a registration application - on paper or online

Regardless of whether you register your company with CEIDG or the National Court Register, you can do it in a traditional way - by filling in a paper application form and submitting it to the office or court, or by filling it in and submitting it via the Internet. You need an electronic signature or a trusted profile to do this. Electronic identification will be useful not only for registration, but also for later remote management of the business, e.g. suspension and resumption of activity, as well as correspondence with offices, including tax offices and the Social Insurance Institution. If more than five employees are employed, the electronic form of communication with the above mentioned offices is obligatory.

You do not know how to obtain a trusted profile or electronic signature, we will help you. See the article on this subject.

From 2017 you can register your company with CEIDG by phone on 801 055 088, which is available on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The cost of the call depends on the tariff of your operator. Learn more about the service.

Registration of a branch

If you have already registered business activity in another country, regardless of whether you are a foreigner or not, the most common form of business activity in Poland is to register a branch of a foreign entrepreneur.

Registration and conducting activity by an attorney-in-fact

Remember that, as a rule, you can perform all the activities related to the registration of a company through an attorney-in-fact. When you register, you can appoint an attorney-in-fact to represent you as an entrepreneur.

You don't know how, we can help you. Please refer to the section on attorneys-in-fact.

Conducting business activity without an obligation to register in Poland

If you are an EU national who has a  business activity registered in a Member State other than Poland, you can provide services in our country on a temporary cross-border basis.  In this case, you do not have to register a branch in Poland.

Read the article Temporary cross-border provision of services.

Change in data

If you want to know how to make changes in the register of entrepreneurs (CEIDG), please refer to the article on this subject.

Additional information

When registering, the application should contain PKD codes specifying the types of business activity. A search engine of codes will be useful. It is also necessary to choose the form of taxation for economic activity.

In the article How to calculate income tax you will learn how the chosen form of taxation affects the amount of taxes you pay.

On you will also find information about the next stages of the company's activity. If you want to liquidate, for example, a limited liability company, you will learn how to start the process of closing the company in the publication Liquidation of a limited liability company

Thanks to you can settle many official matters online. Do you want to obtain a building permit? Do you need a decision on environmental conditions? On the portal you will learn step by step how and in which office to deal with issues related to running of your business. Use the service browser.

Start-up package for new companies

Since 30 April 2018, within the framework of the Constitution of Business, new facilities have been introduced for entrepreneurs starting their business

  • If you run a small business (e.g. small trade or services), you can take advantage of the provisions on so-called non-registered activity and avoid the obligation to register your business.
  • If you register an activity, you can take advantage of the ZUS relief and pay only health insurance contributions for 6 months.

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