Rejestracja działalności albo oddziału


You already know the name of your business activity and where registered office is going to be located. You know the type of your activity. If you register economic activity in CEIDG you also know what form of taxation to choose. In case of the National Court Register (KRS) you know in what form you want to operate.

It's time to register a business activity

Registration of a branch

If you have already registered business activity in another country, regardless of whether you are a foreigner or not, the most common form of business activity in Poland is to register a branch of a foreign entrepreneur.

Conducting business activity without an obligation to register in Poland

If you are an EU national who has a  business activity registered in a Member State other than Poland, you can provide services in our country on a temporary cross-border basis.  In this case, you do not have to register a branch in Poland.

Read the article Temporary cross-border provision of services.


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