As an entrepreneur you have to register economic activity in the National Official Register of Economic Operators (REGON) maintained by GUS.  If you register in the CEIDG or  National Court Register (KRS), entry in REGON   register occurs automatically on the basis of data transmitted from these registers.  There are, however, certain exceptions.  In situations where the entry, amendment or deletion of an entry in the REGON register does not occur ex officio, economic operators are required to submit an application by themselves.  This obligation applies to, inter alia, a registration procedure, amendment of data or the closing of a civil-law partnership.

Applications to GUS should be submitted using RG-OP forms (or RG-OG) together with the relevant attachments (RG-SC, RG-RD form).

RG-OP and RG-OF forms, when and who submits them

  • RG-OP application is intended for legal persons, organisational entities without legal personality and their local units with the exception of, among others, kindergartens and schools.

The application shall be submitted by partners in a civil-law partnership when registering (REGON for civil-law partnership), changes in data and dissolution of the company

In addition, the boards of directors of housing associations submit them.  Applications for entry in the register of entities may also be submitted by a capital company within the organisation.  This is due to the fact that it has the right to take up an economic activity prior to obtaining an entry in the National Court Register (KRS) and in this situation it will be obliged to use its REGON number before its formal registration in KRS.

In the case of submitting RG-OP application by a civil-law company, there must be RG-SC attached obligatorily, which is intended to report information on partners of civil-law partnership.

The integral part of the RG-OP application is an attachment "RG-RD activity pursued', which must be completed in case there is need to indicate a big number of PKD codes (more than 9 items).

  • RG-OF application is intended for natural persons conducting an economic activity within the meaning of Article 42(2) of the Act on public statistics or their local units (not applicable to entrepreneurs covered by the CEIDG entry)

In practice, the application is submitted mostly by farmers and entities engaged in the business of therapeutic activity.  

At the same time, natural persons conducting economic activity can inform GUS when submitting RG-OF application about changes in their activity, which are not included in the CEIDG register such as a change in the number of persons employed.

Where must I submit RG-OP application and in what timeframe?

RG-OP or RG-OF application and attachments should be submitted to the statistical office or its branch in the district of which:

  • a legal person or an entity without legal personality is established,
  • a natural person conducting economic activity not subject to an entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity is domiciled.

The application may be submitted directly in paper form at the competent statistical office or in a form of electronic document with a secure electronic signature verified by means of a valid qualified certificate or trusted profile on ePUAP platform.

The operator is obliged to submit an appropriate application within 14 days of the occurrence of the circumstances justifying the entry, amendment or deletion from the register of REGON.

How to fill it in?

The instructions for completing particular RG-OP or RG-OF applications and relevant annexes can be found on the website of the Central Statistical Office.  Remember that each completed application form must be signed by the person authorised to represent the entity.  In the case of a civil-law partnership the application should be signed by all partners or by one of the partners unless the application is accompanied by the document signed by all partners confirming  occurence/reporting change/termination of activity of a civil-law partnership.

In the case of submitting an application by a proxy, it must be accompanied by a power of attorney to represent the entity to which the application relates to.

Issues related to an entry in the REGON register are regulated by the Act of 29 June 1995 on public statistics

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