Set up a company by your bank

Do you use e-banking and think about starting your own business? You do not need to visit the office to register it. Since January 2018, selected banks have enabled to register activity via electronic banking. The service is offered by PKO BP (iPKO service) and mBank.

The registration procedure is carried out electronically and without the need to visit the office. Registration is free of charge!

How do I register my company through an electronic banking service?

If you want to use the possibility of registering your company through a bank, you must be a customer of the bank and have access to an electronic banking service. Don't worry about formalities, the bank will provide you with all the tools necessary for registering your company, such as: access to electronic banking, registration form and Trusted Profile, which will allow you to sign the application form and settle other matters of your company in the future.

In brief, the procedure for registering a company with a bank is as follows:

1. Obtain access to your bank's electronic banking service.
2. Go to the company registration form for your bank's electronic banking service. A special wizard will tell you how to fill in the application form correctly. You will also learn how to set up a Trusted Profile (or confirm it if you already have one) to which you sign the application for registration. If you encounter problems, call your bank's helpline.
3. Sign the application form with Trusted Profile and send it. You will receive confirmation of your successful application and your current status.

Note! When you register your company with a bank, you cannot attach an application for taxation in the form of a tax card (PIT-16). You can submit your application via or by registering your application with CEIDG.

Before registering a company, prepare all information necessary to complete the application (company name, PKD code, tax form, registered office). See more information on setting up a business on pl.

I registered the company and what next?

Remember that after registering your company with a bank you will still have some important obligations, such as:

  • notification to ZUS,
  • VAT notification (if you are a VAT payer),
  • registration of the fiscal cash register (if you use it),
  • reporting a regulated activity (if your business requires it).

Learn more about the obligations after registration.

Relevant information

  • Only an account holder can register a company with the use of electronic banking (no proxy can do so).
  • Only Polish citizens may register their activity through the bank. Foreigners should use CEIDG service.
  • Registration shall be made only in electronic form. If you want to use a traditional method, or for example your bank does not offer registration services, please use the CEIDG service.
  • You will register the company through the bank but you will have to complete other formalities (e. g. registration with the Social Insurance Institution, VAT registration if necessary) in the competent offices. See more information on the obligations after registering your company.


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