If you wish to start an economic activity in the form of self-epmloyment, you should submit an application for entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG).  You submit the application on CEIDG-1 form.

You have several options. The application may be submitted electronically or pesonal visit to the municipal authority.

Application for entry in CEIDG online

Submit an application online without leaving home

The most convenient for you will be to prepare and sign online application. For this purpose register yourself on CEIDG website, fill in a form and sign it with an electronic signature, Trusted Profile or Internet banking. More information on this subject  can be found in the section Electronic signature and trusted profile

You may fill in CEIDG-1 application by completing the fields by yourself or with the assistance of the wizard. In this case, a step-by-step guide and guiding questions help to fill in subsequent fields. 

Fill in the application online and submit it to the office

If you do not have an electronic signature or Trusted Profile, you can fill in the online application and sign it in person at the municipal office.  The electronic application form can be found on the CEIDG website.  In order to fill in the application form you do not have to register on the CEIDG website - you can do this anonymously. 

After completing the application on the CEIDG website, you do not have to print it.  It is sufficient to remember the code (application number), which will appear, after completing on the CEIDG website.  With this code go to the municipal authority.  An official will find your application in CEIDG after the code, print it, submit to sign and confirm in the system.  Please note that the start date indicated in the application cannot be earlier than the date on which you sign the application in the office.  Address and details of the nearest municipality or city office can be found in the search engine of institutions.

Start a business by telephone

If you wish to register a company, you can also do this by telephone.  For further advice, contact the Help Centre (tel.: 801 055 088 or 22 765 67 32).  Together with the consultant, you can fill in the application form.  Following that conversation, you will receive an SMS with a code (number of the application).  With this number go to the city council/municipality office.  The official will print your application and submit it for signature.

Lodging of the application for entry in CEIDG in a traditional manner

In person

You can submit an application in paper version to the municipal authority. You will receive the appropriate form in the office. If you want to fill it in earlier, you can download it from CEIDG website, print it, sign it and bring to the municipality office.

Before you fill in the application, read instructions.

The municipality employee confirms the receipt of the application and  next day at the latest enters the data from your application to the CEIDG system. 

When you submit an application remember to take with you an identity card or any other document confirming your identity.

Important! Application for entry in the CEIDG may also be submitted by an attorney-in-fact established on a general basis. Find out more about a power of attorney during registration of activity.

Sending by registered mail

You may send completed application form by registered mail ( in case an application was sent by registered mail, it should bear the handwritten signature of the applicant certified by a notary).

Important information

  • An entry in CEIDG is made at the time of inclusion of data in the CEIDGno later than on the next working day following submission of thereof. 
  • The entrepreneur may start economic activity on the day of submission of application for entry in the CEIDG!
  • Submission of an application for entry is FREE OF CHARGE. Be careful about the the paid offers of entry - they are commercial offers.

Other obligations after registration in CEIDG

Registering a company in CEIDG, you will be automatically  registered with the Social Insurance Institution (as a contributions payer) and the tax office. In the case of ZUS, within seven days from the date of commencement of activity, you should register for insurance in the ZUS (as the insured person).  Click here for more information


Registration in ZUS through CEIDG

If you set up a company and you want to register yourself or family members to the insurance in ZUS, you can do so via the CEIDG.  From 20 May 2017 it is possible to regiser for social insurance and health insurance on ZUS ZUA forms (check the instruction) and ZUS ZZA (check the instruction) and:  

Note! The possibility of submitting through CEIDG relates only to above-mentioned applications and situations. If you need to report  to insurance your employees or a person who cooperates with you., you have to notify it directly to ZUS!



If you pay VAT, no later than the day before the start of sales of goods or services subject to VAT, you should lodge at the competent Tax Office VAT-R application form. You can also attach it to the application for entry in CEIDG. More on this subject in the guide Registration as a VAT taxable person. 

If you conduct regulated activity, you will have to register your company to a relevant register.  Learn more about regulated activity.

Your entry in CEIDG

Data of your company will be available in the Database of entrepreneurs on the website of CEIDG.  In this way, at any time, you will have easy access to them, and you will be able modify them (read more about the changes in CEIDG). Any concerned e.g. office can find your entry, so that you will not need a certificate proving that your company is located in the register (read more)

Civil partnership

If you want to set up a civil partnership, find out more about additional obligations connected with registration.


Additional information

If you need more information about the formalities concerning insurance in ZUS or KRUS, cash register, regulated activity - see the article After registration


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