Notifying changes to the register of entrepreneurs (CEIDG)

You are self-employed and registered in CEIDG?  Please note that if you change e.g. name, address, account number, type of taxation, you will have the duty to notify it in the register of entrepreneurs . 

Important!  For notification you have 7 days from the change which requires amendment of the entry in CEIDG

What changes have to be reported to CEIDG? 

In the course of an activity, wide range of information on business will require updating and reporting to the relevant offices.  Some, such as a telephone number or e-mail address, do not require the mandatory update - if you did not report them at the time of registration. 

The change of the most important data needs to be updated. 

The most important company data requiring update in CEIDG in case of changes include:

  • A company's registered office and address of performance of activity, an address for service (more on this subject)
  • Business name (surname) (more on this subject)
  • Object of activity (PKD codes) (read more)
  • Settlement periods of tax (monthly, quarterly)
  • Form of taxation (read more)
  • Any spousal joint ownership
  • The place of storage of accounting documents
  • Change in the form of documentation (e.g. the transition to accounts)
  • The bank account (read more)

Please note that you must also notify suspension, resumption and closure of activity in CEIDG. 

Article 25(1) of the Freedom of Business Activity Act contains full list of information, which is in the CEIDG and needs to be updated, contains 

How to notify change? 

  • Notify chang in CEIDG

You update your data using the CEIDG-1 form.  You can notify of change in a number of ways.  By a traditional visit to the nearest municipality/city office. From CEIDG you can download a form and fill it in.  You can file your application by post, but remember that it is valid only if it bears your signature, certified by a notary. 

Preparation of the application by electronic means will be more convenient.  The advantage of online application is, inter alia, the fact that most of the necessary data shall be filled in automatically on the basis of an entry in CEIDG, without the need to type them again.  If you fill in an application in an anonymous mode, i.e. without an electronic signature, within 7 days from the date of completion of the application you should visit the nearest  municipality/city office in order to confirm your identity.

Go to the office with the code (application number) obtained on the CEIDG website, during filling in the application. Official will find your request in CEIDG after the code, he will print it, submit to sign and confirm in the system.  In this case, the date of submission of the application shall be the date on which you sign an application at the office.  Address and details of the nearest municipality/city office can be found in the search engine of institutions. 

If you have an electronic signature or a trusted profile, you can complete all the formalities connected with the changes  online on the CEIDG website, without the need to visit the office. You have to sign the completed form and send it online . 

More:  electronic signature, trusted profile - see how to obtain them

Changes in the CEIDG may be notified also by your attorney-in-fact.

Notify changes in CEIDG by telephone

If you would like to amend your entry in the CEIDG, you can also do this by telephone.  For further advice, contact the Help Center (tel.: 801 055 088 or 22 765 67 32).  The consultant can help you fill in the application for amendment.  Following that conversation, you will receive an SMS with a code (number of the application).  With this number go to the city /municipality/district office.  The official will print your application and submits it for your signature.   

Important information

Please note that the update of entry does not require the whole CEIDG form to be completed. Apart from identification data, in box 01 (type of application) tick item 02 and choose boxes or fields, which will be changed.  You also provide the date on which the change takes place. 

Note!  The update obligation also applies to the shareholders of civil law partnership.  In the event of a change in the data of partnership, it is necessary to update data in GUS (RG-OP form e.g. a change of PKD codes, suspension of activity) and the tax office (form NIP-2).  Find out more.

Why do you need to update? 

Rememer to update within time limits.  It is important for a number of reasons.  If you fail to do this, you may be called to complete data, and in the worst case, your company may be removed from the register of entrepreneurs. 

Importantly, information from CEIDG are forwarded, inter alia, to the tax authorities, and the lack of updates of data related to tax matters may put you, for example, to a fine. 

If, on the other hand, you will not provide a new address for service, correspondence will be delivered to the former address - such correspondence, although you will not receive it, will be deemed to have been delivered.


Registration in ZUS through CEIDG

If you are setting up a company and you want to register yourself or family members to the insurance in ZUS, you can now do so via CEIDG.  As of 20 May 2017 there is a possibility to register for social and health insurance on  ZUS ZUA (see instructions) and  ZUS ZZA form (see instructions) and:  

Note!  Possibility to submit through CEIDG is applicable only to above-mentioned applications and situations.  If you want to register to insurance your employee, the contractor or a person who works with you, you still need to report it directly to ZUS!  
So far ZUS, after registration of activity "automatically" prepared the notification of entrepreneur, but only as a contributions payer (find out more). This means that you do not need to fulfil or send to ZUS documents which relate to you as the payer of the contributions, i.e.:

  • ZUS ZFA - registration of the payer, 
  • ZUS ZIPA - change of identification data, 
  • ZUS ZAA - information on business addresses, 
  • ZUS ZBA -  information on bank accounts numbers 
  • ZUS ZWPA - deregistration of the payer.

Additional information

  • Changes in CEIDG are automatically notified to other offices ( ZUS - e.g. payer's address, Tax Office)
  • In the event of changes remember to notify other offices (if necessary).  This concerns offices that keep records of  regulated activity.  Read more in the article on the concessions, licences and permits. 
  • If you are VAT payer, in some instances, you will also need to notify the tax office of the changes on VAT-R form (see more on registering for VAT) You have 7 days to notify the amendments which you didn't have to enter in CEIDG  form (e.g. change of the period for VAT settlement). The exception is a situation in which a change, for example, address of the company will change the jurisdiction of tax authority (i.e. the change of office in which you account for VAT).  In these circumstances, you should apply to the tax office with VAT-R form, even if you reported changes in the CEIDG. 
  • If you use cash registers and change their place of use, you should declare it to the tax office.  You can read more about this in the article Change of place of use of fiscal cash register.

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