Rejestracja na potrzeby VAT

Regardless of the form in which you conduct business activity, you can register as a taxpayer of tax on goods and services (VAT). 

If you become a VAT taxable person, no later than the day prior to the date of sale of goods or provision of services subject to VAT, you must submit  VAT-R application form to the competent tax office.

Check the step-by-step registration for VAT and submit application.

If you need more information read the guide Registration as a VAT payer. 

Registration of an entrepreneur for VAT purposes is free of charge. 

If you are registered in CEIDG, you can submit a VAT-R form as annex together with the application for entry and amendment of your entry in CEIDG.  VAT-R form can be submitted by entrepreneurs who submit an application to CEIDG by themselves with a qualified electronic signature or a trusted profile.

The VAT-R application may be submitted electronically by the e-Deklaracje system.

Find out which entrepreneurs have an obligation to VAT registration.

Being a VAT payer has certain advantages, but also imposes additional obligations on the entrepreneur.

If you do not know whether you want to register as a VAT payer, we can help you. Please refer to additional information.

If you conclude transactions with entities from other EU Member States, perhaps you need to register as a VAT payer.

Find out how to make an application for registration.  Please refer also to the guide  Register as a taxable person of intra-Community transactions  in order to obtain more information.

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