Register to the insurance in the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) by means of CEIDG

If you are setting up a company and you want to register yourself or family members to the insurance in ZUS, you can now do so via CEIDG.  As of 20 May 2017 there is a possibility to register for social and health insurance on  ZUS ZUA (see instructions) and  ZUS ZZA form (see instructions) and:  

Note!  Possibility to submit through CEIDG is applicable only to above-mentioned applications and situations.  If you want to register to insurance your employee, the contractor or a person who works with you, you still need to report it directly to ZUS!  
So far ZUS, after registration of activity "automatically" prepared the notification of entrepreneur, but only as a contributions payer (find out more). This means that you do not need to fulfil or send to ZUS documents which relate to you as the payer of the contributions, i.e.:

  • ZUS ZFA - registration of the payer, 
  • ZUS ZIPA - change of identification data, 
  • ZUS ZAA - information on business addresses, 
  • ZUS ZBA -  information on bank accounts numbers 
  • ZUS ZWPA - deregistration of the payer.

How to submit applications to ZUS by CEIDG 

If you want to register to the insurance in ZUS via CEIDG, you have several possibilities for submission of relevant forms.

Online method 

The most convenient for you will be to electronically complete and send ZUS forms. You can fill in the electronic forms in CEIDG (after you have selected the option that you want to send the given ZUS form) together with the application for entry or amendment of entry.  What is important is that you don't have to  re-enter the same data twice - data in ZUS forms will be automatically completed on the basis of the information you have entered in CEIDG.   

 You can sign the completed document by means of online banking, trusted profile or electronic signature and send it to the office (see more on online documents signing).  

Fill in the online application and submit at the office 

If you do not have an electronic signature or a Trusted Profile, you can complete the online application in CEIDG together with registration to ZUS and sign it in person at the municipal office.  The electronic application form can be found on the CEIDG website.  You do not have to register on the CEIDG webiste to fill in an application form -  you can do this anonymously.  
After completing the application on the CEIDG website you do not have to print it.  It is sufficient to remember the code (number of application) that will be visible after completion on the CEIDG webiste.  With this code go to the municipality.  The officer will find your application in CEIDG with ZUS annexes after the code, print it, submit to sign and confirm in the system.  Address and contact details of the nearest office of the municipality or city office can be found in the search tool of institutions.

Prepare an application for setting up a company and annexes by telephone 

If you want to submit an application to the social insurance institution in CEIDG, you can also prepare application by telephone.  To that end contact our Help Center (tel.: 801 055 088 or 22 765 67 32).  Together with the consultant you will fill in an application.  Following that call you will receive a text message with the code (number of the application).  Go with this number to the city council/municipality/district.  Official will print your application and submit for your signature. Find out more about telephone assisstance in matters relating to registration activities.  

Traditional method 

You can submit a declaration to the social security office in your municipality/city/district — thus, in which you request such registration activities.  In the case of ZUS dołączasz forms the CEIDG.  These documents will be sent to the Security Insurance Institution (ZUS).  
Important!  If you want to add ZUS notification, remember to fill in the CEIDG application box 12, in which, inter alia, you mark ZUS Annexes .  
The official confirms the receipt of your application.  
Important!  The application for entry in CEIDG with the notification to the ZUS can also be submitted by a representative established in accordance with the general rules.  Find out more about power of attorney with regard to the registration of activity.  
You can send completed CEIDG application form together with ZUS forms you by registered letter (in case of application sent by registered mail, it should bear a handwritten signature of the applicant certified by a notary).  

After registering with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) 

After notification to the it is necessary to submit ZUS DRA declaration and pay the contributions regularly.  Click the button and find more information.


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