Regulated activity: removal from the register without submitting an application by entrepreneur

Conducting certain types of economic activities (e.g. exchange office) requires obtaining entry into register of regulated activity.  Entrepreneur who conducts regulated activity has additional responsibilities in accordance with specific requirements. He is also required to update the information that is subject to entry in the register.  
You can find out more on operational restrictions from this article.

The removal from the register of regulated activity 

In the case of removal from the CEIDG, entrepreneurs engaged in regulated activity do not need to submit application for the removal from the register of regulated activity to competent body.  The body maintaining the register of regulated activity removes the entry in the register based on information from the CEIDG on removal of entrepreneur.  
Since 2017 this has also applied to economic activity entered in the National Court Register.  In the case of these entities, after their removal from the National Court Register (KRS) there is also no need to submit a separate application for the removal from the register of regulated activity.  
There is still the possibility of lodging the application for removal of an entry in the register personally if e.g. you continue doing business, but you are planning to terminate regulated activity.  
In order to familiarise with the relevant procedures, which the entrepreneur should implement in connection with closure of economic activity, use the search engine of procedures.  
Importantly, the new provisions concern registers of regulated activity — they do not cover other forms of activity (requiring authorisation, concession, licences) for which the information obligations remain unchanged.  
New provisions concerning removal of entries from register  of regulated activity were introduced by the amendment to the Act on freedom of economic activity.

What types of activities do the new provisions cover

Regulated activities for which there was previously a requirement to submit a seperate application for removal:

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