Co zrobić z koncesjami, zezwoleniami i licencjami w przypadku zakończenia działalności?

When you conduct activity which requires special authorisations, concessions or licences, you must inform the authority that granted the power about amendments related to that activity. This obligation includes  also closing of the activity.  Notification should be made, in the event of closure of the businesses of, inter alia, the seller of alcohol or entrepreneurs who runs pharmacies. 

The deadline for the notification of changes in the conducted business to the concession-granting authority is 14 days. 

Informing the authority that issued the relevant concessions and authorisations, in some cases you can recover part of the fees that you had to pay in connection with their receipt. 

In order to get to know the relevant procedures, which entrepreneur should complete due to the closure of the business activity, use search engine of procedures. 

Removal from the register of regulated activity - without the need to inform offices

The obligation to provide information on the closure of activity related to the companies which have been entered in the register of regulated activity.  This constitutes an economic activity, exercise of which  is subject to a number of specific conditions laid down by law and is subject to entry in the special registers.  These companies, following removal from e.g. CEIDG, had to additionally submit application for the removal from the register of regulated activity. 

From 19 May 2016, the obligation towards the companies registered in CEIDG  shall be abolished.  This means that entrepreneurs removed from CEIDG, would no longer have to submit additional applications to the offices maintaining registers of regulated activity for removal of their entries from these registers.  The authority maintaining the register of regulated activity should do so solely after obtaining information from CEIDG, without waiting until the entrepreneur himself has submitted such application. 

Further information can be found in the article Regulated activity - removal from the register without submission of an application by an entreprenenur. 

Additional information

Information on the types of licensed activity, regulated activity or activity requiring authorisations or licences (together with their governing legal acts) can be found in the Act of 2 July on freedom of economic activity.

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