Owing to biznes.gov.pl portal you can handle many official matters without leaving home. There are several ways to do this.  Using search engine of institution you can find the competent authority. In the authority's business card you will find its contact details, and if it provides the possibility to send a general letter electronically, you can do this by clicking the button ‘send a letter to the authority'.  In the business card you can find out what procedures are conducted by selected office.  For more details see the article Sending a general letter.

On our site e-Applications you will find dedicated templates of electronic forms to assist you in filling in and sending letters to the authority.  Find out how to handle official matter  by means of e-Applications biznes.gov.pl official site.

In order to facilitate you to handle official matters, we have prepared several hundreds of  descriptions of procedures which explain  step by step what activities you should carry out and the documents to submit in order to meet a specific procedure.  You will find  the documents templates to be printed out or prepared  forms of e-Applications  Use search engine to find procedures you are interested in.

The documents that should be annexed to the application can also be sent electronically. Depending on their origin, you can scan documents by yourself or seek assistance from a notary. To find out more read the article Electronic copies of documents.

Remember that handling official matter electronically requires you to have an electronic signature or trusted profile. Here you will find information on how to apply for them.

You can use a proxy to contact offices. If you would like to know more about it, read the article Using a proxy.

Useful e-administration systems

A number of issues related to running business can be quickly and conveniently done via different e-administration portals:

Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services - after obtaining trusted profile we can contact the administration on-line

The Central Registration and Information on Business(CEIDG) - is used for purpose of, inter alia, registration of economic activity of natural persons, change of data of the company,  notification of suspension and resumption of activity and deregistration of activity.  It is a source of up-to-date information on companies, it also enables to obtain a certificate of entry in the register. 

eMS  - portal of the Ministry of Justice.  It allows, inter alia, the electronic registration of companies in the National Court Register, to search the debtor, to obtain up-to-date information on the entities registered in the National Court Register and a certificate of entry in the register. It also makes it possible to obtain the electronic certificate of lack of criminal record from the National Criminal Register. 

Tax  portal of the Ministry of Finance  - allowing to contact tax administration by electronic means, including, inter alia, the submission of tax returns.  You can also check the status of the VAT taxable person as well as notify the power of attorney to fiscal matters.  Calculators (PIT, VAT, interest on arrears and late payment charges, statutory interest rate, wages) are also a helpful tool. 

The Electronic Services Platform of the Social Security Institution — you may, inter alia, report an employee to the insurance, settle accounts, apply for a certificate of non-liability in respect of social security contributions. 

The Electronic Services Portal of the Customs Service (PUESC) -  electronic handling of issues relating to custom duty and excise duty.

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