E-applications – electronic execution of procedures via biznes.gov.pl

Many procedures have dedicated electronic templates, which allow offices to decree and process the data received.  The use of specific models will also make it possible to reduce the number of errors in the application and makes it easier to complete it. 

Point of Contact biznes.gov.pl makes available e-services dedicated to about 60 different procedures.  Module eApplications biznes.gov.pl:

  • provides assistance in filling out the proper forms (wizard step by step)
  • removes the need for the entry of basic data (automatic implementation of previously entered information),
  • enables to send electronically the form to the indicated office or its printout,
  • provides the possibility to receive answers from the office (decision, request for completion of missing information),
  • indicates the date of implementation and progress (status) of the case and enables to assign the letter/reply of the office to the relevant case. 

All information on the possibilities of handling a case on-line can be found in descriptions of procedures, using the search engine of procedures.  The list of procedures (in the right column) is marked (‘e-procedure'), informing on the possibility of fulfiling this procedure by electronic means via the biznes.gov.pl or through electronic systems of institution competent for a given procedure.

Link to e-procedure ePK is placed in the description of a procedure, in the form of a green button:

Examples of procedures that can be fulfiled electronically by the biznes.gov.pl (in the case of procedures executed by many entities, the choice of location is required) are e.g. Electronic procedures for trade in alcoholic beverages and the Electronic Services of the General Inspectorate of Road Transport. 

The module of contact point biznes.gov.pl, which allows you to consult the status of your cases, the content of correspondence with authorities and documents confirming the service is available at ewnioski.biznes.gov.pl. It is also possible to initiate there the execution of e-procedure.

After the finalisation of the content of the letter, the form of  further communication with the office should be selected.  If you choose the electronic form, the office is required to deliver the letters with reply using electronic means of communication, to the email address of entepreneur in biznes.gov.pl.

The reply of the authority will go into your account at biznes.gov.pl and notification on corresposdence will be sent to your e-mail address.  After 7 days, the system sends you a further notice and after expiry of 14 days from the receipt of the letter (reply) from the office, the correspondence shall be in accordance with the rules in force, deemed to have been delivered. 

If you choose a paper form, the reply provided by the authority will be sent to the address indicated in the application (address must be located in Poland).

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