Electronic copies (scans, photos) of paper documents in e-procedures

When you contact authorities by electronic means some matters may require sending additional documents.  You have only paper versions of the documents?  It is not a problem.  You can scan them and send to the office.  Please note, however, that the letter and the annexes will have to be signed by means of a qualified electronic signature or ePUAP trusted profile.  These activities may be done by module e-Applications ePK.

You should also be aware that the possibility to attach scans concerns only copies of documents issued by public bodies.  This means that an electronic copy, e.g. of translation or a copy of the document certifying the title to the premises cannot be attached. However, it is possible to submit an electronic copy of the document also a private document.  In practice, this means that when using the services of a notary and in some cases other legal professionals any document may be turned into electronic form, including the private one.

If you want to know how to do this, see the additional information

Limitation of the right to demand documents

Provisions restricting the right of administrative authorities to require certificates and statements of facts or legal situation have helped entrepreneurs.  This relates to a situation where administrative authority requests information that are known to this authority, available in their records, or may be obtained by contacting other offices.  The administration should not involve the applicant if it requires the information to which it have already had access (e.g. identity card, registration certificate and others submitted to the authority for inspection by the person concerned).

If the public authority still requests from you a certificate or statement of facts and legal situation, it is obliged to indicate a provison of law which requires such confirmation.

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