Korzystanie z eWniosków biznes.gov.pl oraz CEIDG z wykorzystaniem bankowości internetowej

If you use online banking and you would like to handle the official matters online, we have good news.  Since October 2016, you may, through your bank and without having to visit to the confirmation point (e.g. in the office), confirm the Trusted Profile. You will be able to use this tool to log in and sign the documents on the biznes.gov.pl and CEIDG.

How to confirm Trusted Profile through online banking?

If you do not have a Trusted Profile yet and you would like to create one and confirm it by means of electronic banking, you should carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to the website of Trusted Profile.  Click "Register".
  2. Once you've opened the page "Registration with Trusted Profile", select the option "I want to log in using an external supplier of identity".
  3. Page "Registration with a trusted profile by external supplier of identity" will be displayed.  On this page, you can find the logos of banks where you can set up and confirm a trusted profile.  If you find the logo of your bank where you use online banking, click its logo.
  4. Once you have clicked the logo, the website of your internet banking service should open.  Log in to the site as you log into your account.  Find a link on applying for setting up a trusted profile and create a new profile following the instructions on the website.  If you have any problems contact your bank.  See also how to set up a trusted profile in the example of iPKO and Inteligo account.

You can disregard steps 1 to 3 and create a trusted profile directly by logging into your internet banking service and acting in accordance with point 4.

Setting up a trusted profile by means of online banking is free of charge!

The use of trusted profile confirmed by electronic banking

If you confirmed trusted profile by online banking and you want to use it, you should bear in mind that when you handle official matters you should always log in via your online banking service connected with your profile.  Thus, for example, logging in to eApplications biznses.gov.pl, once you select the case you want to complete, you need to choose your profile on the login page and after that click the icon of  internet banking service and log in via the website of your bank.

You do the same when after filling in the application you sign it with a trusted profile and you are redirected to a website of Trusted Profile.  

Find out how you can carry out the services using the trusted profile certified by a bank, for example the iPKO.

Which banks can confirm trusted profile?

The number of banks (and in the future also telecommunications operators) offering the possibility of setting up and confirming a trusted profile is constantly growing. If you don't know whether your bank operates Trusted Profileyou can easily check it.  Go to login page on the Trusted Profile portal to see whether the logo of your bank is on the list.  You can also contact your bank and find out when the service is to be launched.

Security of information

If you want to use a Trusted Profile via online banking, you should know that the role of bank is only verification of your identity in contacts with the Office. The bank acts as an intermediary between you and the office where you handle your case.  This means that:

  • no data from your bank account will be transferred to public authorities
  • your login data  to internet banking service shall not be transferred to public authorities
  • your data will not be transferred from the offices to banks,
  • using Trusted Profile via bank is safe - state-of-the art security systems are applied, like in electronic banking.

Additional information

  • If you use Internet banking in several banks, remember that the Trusted Profile can be linked to only one bank.  If you want to change this and link your profile to another bank, your previous profile will be automatically cancelled.
  • If you already have a Trusted Profile confirmed in a traditional manner (e.g. office) and you want to create a profile linked to your account in electronic banking, the profile will be declared invalid and you can only make use of the profile linked to the bank.

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