Wysłanie pisma ogólnego z portalu biznes.gov.pl


The user of biznes.gov.pl has the possibility to communicate with the authorities online.

To send a general letter:

Using search tool of institution one needs to find the authority to which we plan to address correspondence. 

Clicking the name of the office will produce business cards of the office.  Business cards can be also reached directly from a description of a procedure. 

Click the button 'send a letter to the authority'. In the section 'Execution of the procedure' one may also consult the list of procedures carried out by the chosen office.

In a second step it is necessary to log in or register a new user account.

After logging one is transferred to wizard where it is possible to draft a letter to the chosen office.  It is necessary to provide the data of sender and to determine the subject of the letter.  It is possible to attach annexes (with a total maximum capacity of 3.5 MB). 

After the finalisation of the content of the letter, a further form of communication with the office needs to be chosen.  If you choose an electronic form, the office is required to deliver letters with reply using electronic means of communication to the email address of the entrepreneur in the framework of single point of contact. 

Prepared letter needs to to be signed by ePUAP trusted profile or a qualified electronic signature and sent to the office by clicking the button ‘submit'.

More information: E-applications ePK: electronic siganture, trusted profile

After sending a letter from ePK system, the user receives a document, an Official Confirmation of Receipt - Official Confirmation of Submission (UPO-UPP), which is a formal acknowledgement of receipt of the letter to the Office.  The deadline for handling the case by the competent authority shall begin on the working day following the receipt of confirmation that letter has been sent.

The reply from the authority will be sent into your account at the biznes.gov.pl and the notification about correspondence sent to your e-mail address. After 7 days the contact point sends a further notice and after a period of 14 days from the receipt of the letter (reply) from the office, correspondence shall be in accordance with the rules in force, deemed to have been received.

If you choose a paper form, the answer given by the office will be sent either by post to the address given in the application (address must be located in Poland).

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