Handle a matter on biznes.gov.pl by an attorney-in-fact

If you would like to handle official matter electronically through biznes.gov.pl you are not obliged to do it by yourself.  As in handling matters connected with Social Insurance Institution, or submission of tax returns, you can do so with the help of an attorney-in-fact. 

The first step, of course, is the establishment of a power of attorney.  More on power of attorney, methods of appointment and who may be an attorney-in-fact in administrative matters, can be found out from the article Practical information on power of attorney.

How to handle a matter on biznes.gov.pl by attorney-in-fact

If an attorney-in-fact needs to handle a case on your behalf, he must register in biznes.gov.pl. Find out How to handle official matter electronically through eApplications biznes.gov.pl

Attorney-in-fact should attach to e-application sent by biznes.gov.pl  an original or a copy of the power of attorney. Power of attorney (e.g. as DOC document) signed electronically by you is equivalent to original. 

True copy of the power of attorney in the case of matters handled in that way is a document signed electronically by a notary. Read more about the electronic copy of the document. 

It is not always necessary to attach the power of attorney. If there is the attorney-in-fact in your entry in the CEIDG, he may rely on the power of attorney issued by you in the CEIDG in the register of powers of attorney. Invoking such a power of attorney shall not be subject to stamp duty. 

In order to efficiently handle your case by biznes.gov.pl an attorney-in-fact should have an electronic signature or a trusted profile. Find out more about it here.   

Professional attorney-in-fact

Your applications sent to the office via the biznes.gov.pl may be signed both by the normal and the professional representative — legal counsel, lawyer, tax adviser, a patent attorney. 

Note that an attorney-in-fact may sign a copy of power of attorney by himself. 

Stamp duty

Submitting power of attorney (or a copy thereof) when hadling each case online on the biznes.gov.pl is subject to stamp duty of PLN 17. Proof of payment of the fee and power of attorney must be attached to e-application.   

Here you can read how to calculate the fee and where to pay it.

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