Support for exporters

We know that sometimes world is not enough. If you are planning to expand your business into foreign markets, it is important to know what tools for support you may use.

Public administration offers a number of attractive solutions ranging from counseling, export insurance to direct funding.

If you need in-depth information on available tools for support, check the website of the Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Polish Embassies and Consulates.

Non-financial support

Investors and Exporters Assistance Centres have been operating since 2009. Their aim is to increase the level of internationalisation of Polish companies by free of charge help with planning, organising and implementing export or foreign investments.

If you intend to export or you are already an exporter, it is worth reading the portal, where you can find comprehensive information on support tools, economic guide, contact to organisations operating on local markets.

Financial assistance

You can also benefit from the programme Financial Support for Export implemented by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) and Export Credit Insurance Corporation (KUKE).  It provides for the following support tools:

  • buyer credit granted by buyer's bank,
  • buyer credit granted directly,
  • post-financing of documentary letter of credit,
  • discounting of  receivables from documentary letter of credit,
  • pre-financing of export,
  • purchase of receivables from a supplier credit within the framework of export contracts (new product),
  • Validation of documentary letter of credit (new product).

Markets outside EU

For 10 countries: Angola, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Libya, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs created a support programme for Polish exporters to support them in expansion into those markets, including direct investments.

If you want to sell or invest in one of the above mentioned countries – find out more.

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