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Submit a declaration for temporary storage

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Have you imported goods and you want to make a customs declaration, but you do not have all the documents? Maybe you intend to examine the goods before customs clearance? In such a case, use the so-called temporary storage facility. It will allow you to bring forward customs clearance to a later period, when you obtain the necessary documents or information on imported goods. First, however, submit a declaration for temporary storage. This is the form of the notification to the customs office of where and for what purpose the goods will be stored before customs clearance. See below how to do it.

How to proceed

This procedure can be completed:

  • at an office
  • by post
  • electronically
Submit application electronically

Perform the service online

What you should know and who can use this service

Temporary storage allows storage over a period of time of non-Union goods under customs supervision.  This is the time between the arrival of goods and customs clearance.  This service is very useful for you when you cannot immediately carry out these activities.  For example, in a situation where you clarify non-compliance or you supplement documents.  
Imported goods may be temporarily stored in:  

  • temporary storage facility - storage time is not more than 90 days
  • place designated or approved by the authority -  storage time cannot be longer than 3 days (or 6 days if you are an authorised consignee) from the date of presentation of the goods at the customs branch.

Submit the temporary storage declaration, if:  

  • you import the goods into the customs territory of the EU (you are an importer), 
  • you act in the name of or on behalf of a person who imports goods into the customs territory of the EU (you are customs agency),  
  • you took responsibility for the carriage of the goods which are already in the customs territory of the Union.  

You can register goods in temporary storage on the basis of the declaration for temporary storage.  It may also be another document which you will use as the declaration (e.g. the entry summary declaration, cargo manifest, the transit document).  The condition is that these documents must be supplemented by the particulars necessary for the declaration for temporary storage.  
The declaration for temporary storage may also be used for notification of the arrival of the ship or aircraft, unless:  

  • the authority has access to the information, it can dispense you with the need for notification, or  
  • the authority may also accept to use available port or airport systems (or other methods) to the notification of arrival.

When you should complete this procedure

Submit declaration at the latest at the time of presentation of the goods to the customs branch.

Where you can complete this procedure

You can complete this procedure at:

  • urzędy celno-skarbowe
To find out where to complete service enter

What to do step by step

  1. Submit a declaration for temporary storage

Submit declaration to customs branch office, which is competent for the place of temporary storage.  
You can submit your declaration, when you have the opportunity to present imported goods to the customs office or place designated or recognised by the office.  
You can submit a declaration for temporary storage via the CELINA system as a file in xml format.  The exchange of electronic messages with the CELINA system can be done through the web services:  

  • CELINA WebCel -  (electronic declarations) and 
  • CELINA Opus -  (simplified electronic declaration), and also
  • by e-mail to 

You can also deliver file on data medium.  
A declaration for temporary storage in paper form submit only when you use the fallback procedure.


Time limit

Submit declaration at the latest at the time of presentation of the goods to the customs branch.

  1. Customs branch will adopt your declaration for temporary storage

Customs branch will adopt your declaration.  This means that you have declared the goods for temporary storage.   

Customs branch may, however, set a different place (the temporary storage facility or place approved or designated) than declared by you as a place of temporary storage.  This is the case when the place indicated by you does not provide possibility of supervision or customs control.

How much you will have to pay

The service is free of charge

How long you will have to wait

Customs branch will examine your declaration once it has received it from you.

Good to know

Rectification and invalidation of a declaration 
Once a declaration has been submitted, you can correct the data it contains.  To this end submit application to the customs and tax office for consent to rectification.  Please note that the rectification shall not have the effect that the declaration contains information on other goods than it was previously.  
Rectification shall not be permitted where the authority:  

  • informed the person who lodged the declaration on the intention to examine the goods;  
  • stated incorrect data in declarations.  

If you do not submit to the office the goods covered by the declaration, the office shall invalidate the declaration:  

  • at your request;  
  • within 30 days after the lodging of the declaration.  

The goods declared 
If the revocation, amendment or suspension of a decision ex officio, this does not apply to the goods that have already been declared by you in the framework of temporary storage.  
A customs security for destinations outside the customs warehouse 
Remember that if the goods are to be presented and temporarily stored in a place other than a temporary storage facility, this place must be approved by the authority.  In such a situation it is necessary to submit customs security.  It is also important that the goods were declared for a customs procedure on the following day after notifying the office of its arrival and control capacity.  
Take care of the goods 

If you store temporarily goods, you can subject them to treatment that retain their appearance.  Please note, that these treatments may not affect the technical features of the goods.

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