Before you start

Find out how to prepare to set up an economic activity.

Setting up a business

Read what rules you must follow to start a business.

Settlement of taxes

Get to know the types of taxes in Poland and how to settle them.

I am looking for funding

Find out where you can find funds for the start and development of your business.

Running a business

Find out how to manage your business, employ and insure workers.

Closing a business

Read how to close, sell or suspend a business.

Guides for entrepreneur

We have prepared especially for you instructions for complex issues.

Descriptions of services

Find out how to handle a matter. Use public services.

Online services

Submit an application to the office online.

Running a business in Europe

Do you want to run your business abroad or to post workers?

How to handle a matter in the office

Read how to complete the administrative procedures.

Search for authority

Find the authority or office.

We recommend

Facilitations for companies in 2017

Find out what changes of provisions come into force.

Facilitations for companies in 2017

Find a PKD code

Use the search engine and find the PKD codes relevant for your activity.

Find a PKD code

Set up a company by phone

Get help from a consultant and set up a company by phone.

Set up a company by phone