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ADR vehicle approval certificate for the carriage of dangerous goods

Do you have a vehicle you want to use to transport fuel, gases, chemicals or other dangerous goods? To do this, you must first obtain an ADR certificate, which will confirm that your vehicle meets the requirements for safe transport of dangerous goods on the road. Below you will find out which vehicles require an ADR certificate and how to obtain it.

How to proceed

This procedure can be completed:

  • at an office
  • by post

What you should know and who can use this service

What is the ADR

ADR is an international convention for the carriage of dangerous goods by road. Poland also participates in this convention.

If you are a carrier, owner or user of a vehicle in which you wish to carry dangerous goods, you must have an ADR vehicle approval certificate. This certificate is required for FL, OX, AT, AT, EX/II, EX/III and MEMU vehicles. The category of OX vehicle does not exist in the ADR2017 and certificates for this type of OX vehicle will be issued in accordance with ADR2015.

Your vehicle that you intend to carry dangerous goods should be adapted, equipped and labelled in accordance with ADR.

Which vehicles require an ADR certificate

These are e. g. tanks, road tankers, road tankers, semi-trailers, tanks of trailers, MEMU vehicles, tank assemblies, tanks, batteries, road tractors for hauling trailers/ semi-trailers for the transport of dangerous goods, gas transport vehicles, vehicles for transporting dangerous goods.

A description of the vehicles that require an ADR can be found in Annex 7 to the Regulation of the Minister for Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy on the scope and manner of conducting roadworthiness tests of vehicles and model documents used for these tests. 

Where to look for information

The scope, definitions and requirements regarding the approval of vehicles can be found in section 9 of the ADR agreement, as well as in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction amending the Regulation on the ADR vehicle approval certificates.

You want to carry dangerous goods by yourself

If you are a driver and want to transport dangerous goods by yourself, then in addition to the ADR certificate, you must also have an ADR certificate for the driver. How to obtain an ADR certificate can be found in the description of the service  Obtain an ADR certificate for driving vehicles carrying dangerous goods.

Where you can complete this procedure

You can complete this procedure at:

  • oddziały terenowe Transportowego Dozoru Technicznego

Submit application to any Transportation Technical Inspection Department (TDT) or Inspector Team. You can find a list and addresses of the field offices and Inspector Teams on the TDT website.

To find out where to complete service enter any location.

What to do step by step

  1. Present the vehicle for the technical test

Present the vehicle for an additional technical examination at a district vehicle test station. This test may also be carried out during the periodic technical test of your vehicle. An authorized diagnostician will check whether your vehicle complies with the additional technical requirements set out in the ADR regarding the equipment or adaptation of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods. On the basis of the positive results of these tests, you will obtain a certificate which confirms that your vehicle complies with the technical conditions according to the ADR agreement for a particular type of vehicle (FL, OX, AT, EX/II, EX/III, MEMU).

If you want to obtain an ADR certificate for a vehicle intended for the carriage of certain dangerous goods, e. g. MEMU vehicle, tanker or battery vehicle, contract testing is agreed upon in a facility authorised by TDT to perform such tests. Information about authorised plants can also be obtained from the TDT Offices. After the tanker is prepared for testing by the plant, an authorised TDT inspector will carry out the inspection in accordance with the applicable regulations. You will receive a test report confirming that the MEMU or tanker vehicle, including the battery vehicle components, complies with the ADR requirements. With this protocol, go to the vehicle's Regional Vehicle Inspection Station, where additional vehicle tests will be carried out.


  1. Submit an application for a ADR vehicle approval certificate

Submit an application to the TDT Field Branch for each vehicle separately. The TDT Inspector Teams operate only in certain Field Branches. Find out at the Field Branch where you can find the team of inspectors who issue ADR certificates.


  1. You will obtain ADR vehicle approval certificate

If your vehicle has passed the technical test, you will receive a vehicle approval certificate for the carriage of certain dangerous goods. This certificate shall certify that your vehicle complies with the requirements of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

The certificate shall be valid for a maximum of one year from the date of the technical inspection of the vehicle by the District Inspection Station of the vehicle or the TDT inspector.


How much you will have to pay

150 zł

Pay PLN 150 for each ADR certificate. Pay the money into the bank account of the Transport Technical Inspectorate. Please note on the transfer that the payment is made for the issue of the ADR certificate and indicate the registration number of the vehicle concerned.
If you are represented by an attorney-in-fact, then additionally pay a stamp duty of PLN 17 to the account indicated by the Transport Technical Inspection.

How long you will have to wait

Your case will be settled as soon as possible. In cases requiring additional clarification within one month. In cases of particular complexity, this time limit may be extended to two months, and the official will inform you of this.

Good to know

What happens if you lose the ADR certificate?

If you lose your ADR certificate, you can apply to the TDT Field Branch for a duplicate. The cost of  the duplicate is PLN 20. Pay the money into the bank account of the Transport Technical Inspectorate.

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