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Verification of qualifications of persons involved in the operation of equipment, installations and networks

Do you work with power, heat or gas equipment? Your qualifications to work as a supervisor or operator of equipment, installations or networks must be tested in an examination. Your qualifications are confirmed by a qualification certificate. Find out how to obtain it.

How to proceed

This procedure can be completed:

  • by post
  • w zakładzie pracy lub w siedzibie stowarzyszenia naukowo-technicznego

What you should know and who can use this service

Who may apply for the verification of his/her qualifications

An application to check qualifications may be submitted by:

  • a person who is responsible for the operation of the equipment, installations and networks 


  • employer of persons involved in the operation of equipment, installations and networks.

What equipment, installations and networks should be checked for suitability for use?

The types of equipment, installations and networks that require appropriate qualifications for their operation are divided into three groups:

  • Group 1: Electricity equipment, installations and networks producing, transforming, transmitting and consuming electricity;
  • Group 2: Equipment producing, transforming, transmitting or consuming heat and other energy equipment;
  • Group 3: Gas equipment, installations and networks producing, transforming, transmitting, storing and consuming gaseous fuels.

Details can be found in Annex 1 to the Regulation of the Minister of Economy, Labour and Social Policy of 28 April 2003 on the detailed rules for attesting the possession of qualifications by persons engaged in the operation of equipment, installations and networks.

What persons are subject to verification of their qualifications?

Verification of qualifications related to the operation of equipment, installations and networks shall be carried out for persons performing work on the positions:

  • operation (operation, maintenance, repair, assembly and inspection and measurement), or
  • supervision (when they manage the activities of persons performing operational works or supervise the operation of equipment, installations and networks).

When should you check qualifications?

As an employer, you apply for a check of your employees' qualifications if:

a) a person operating the network, equipment or installations specified by law is qualified as certified but has not operated the equipment, equipment or networks to which the rating relates for the following five years;

b) you have upgraded or substantially altered the equipment, installation or network.

If you operate  devices, systems or networks and provide services to:

  • consumers,
  • microentrepreneurs,
  • small and medium-sized enterprises

every 5 years you are required to check your qualifications (you must pass an examination and obtain a qualification certificate).

When you do not need to confirm your qualifications

You do not need to have a qualification certificate to operate equipment and installations:

  • electrical ones with a voltage of not more than 1 kV and a rated power output of not more than 20 kW if the operating instructions for the installation are laid down in the documentation;
  • thermal input of not more than 50 kW.

Employer should remember

You must not employ persons without proven qualifications for the independent operation of the network and of the equipment and installations specified in the Regulation.

If you find that employees are not using the equipment, systems or networks in accordance with the regulations, you must re-perform a qualification check.

When you should complete this procedure

Before commencing work on the operation of equipment, installations and networks for which qualifications are required.

Where you can complete this procedure

Submit the application for verification of the qualifications to:

  • your employer if he has appointed a selection committee in your workplace,
  • a selected scientific and technical association to which a selection committee has been appointed with responsibility for the powers requested.

If you work in a unit subordinate to or supervised by the Minister of National Defence, the Police, the State Fire Service, the Border Guard, the State Protection Service or one of the agencies (e.g. ABW, CBA, the Foreign Intelligence Agency), check where the qualification committee responsible for you has been established and submit an application there.

In most cases, selection committees are appointed by scientific and technical associations.

Check where in your area there are scientific and technical associations (e.g. Association of Polish Electrical Engineers - SEP, Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers and Technicians SIMP), which have established qualification committees to organize examinations to check your qualifications in the field of equipment, installations and networks.

What to do step by step

  1. Apply for a qualification check in connection with the operation of equipment, installations and networks

Submit an application to the Selection Committee that is authorised (to the extent you are applying for) to conduct the examination to check your qualifications.


Time limit

Before commencing work on the operation of equipment, installations and networks for which qualifications are required.

  1. Examination checking qualifications

The selection committee shall organise and determine the detailed subjects of the examination. You will be notified of this in writing at least 14 days before the examination date.

The examination is oral. During the examination, the examination team appointed by the committee will check your knowledge required to work on the operating or supervising positions in the field of operation, maintenance, repairs, assembly, control and measurement for specific equipment, installations and networks.

The members of the examination team decide by a majority of votes whether the result of the examination is "positive" or "negative". Minutes shall be taken of the course of the examination.

Time limit

The date of the examination is set by the Selection Committee.

  1. You will receive a qualification certificate

The selection committee will issue you with a qualification certificate based on your positive result of the examination. The certificate entitles you to engage in the operation of equipment, installations and networks on the position of supervision or operation in a specific scope and for specific equipment.


How much you will have to pay

301 zł

The fee for checking the qualifications is 10% of the minimum remuneration for the work of employees, in force on the day of submitting the application.

In 2022, the minimum wage is PLN 3,010.

How long you will have to wait

You will receive a qualification certificate within 14 days of the examination date. In some selection committees, certificates of competence are issued immediately after the examination has been passed.

Good to know

If you do not pass the examination

In case of a negative result you can take the exam again after submitting your application and paying a fee.

When you could not attend the examination

If you have not taken the examination for reasons beyond your control, apply to the selection committee for the next date of the examination or for a refund of the fee.

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