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Submit application for annulment of a decision

Your decision has been issued by an incompetent authority? Maybe it has been issued with flagrant violation of law? Check below what you can do in such a case.

How to proceed

This procedure can be completed:

  • at an office
  • by post
  • electronically

What you should know and who can use this service

Authority annuls a decision (order), if the decision:  
1. was issued by an incompetent authority;  
2. was issued without a legal basis or in gross violation of the law;  
3. concerns a matter which has already been settled by a different final decision or matter which was resolved tacitly;  
4. has been addressed to a person who is not a party to the case;  
5. was unenforceable on the date of its issuance and its unenforceability shall be permanent;  
6. if it had been carried out it would have caused a criminal offence;  
7. it contains a defect causing nullity.  
A decision cannot be annulled for the reasons set out in paragraphs 1, 3, 4 and 7, if from the date of its notification or publication 10 years have passed and if the decision has already produced irreversible legal effects.

When you should complete this procedure

At any time

Where you can complete this procedure

You can complete this procedure at:

  • District Medical and Veterinary Chamber
  • District Offices
  • Marshal Offices
  • city/town or commune (gmina) offices
  • Voivodship Labour Offices
  • Voivodship Offices
  • Voivodship Police Headquarters
  • Education Offices
  • Inland Waterway Offices
  • Voivodship Pharmaceutical Inspectorates
  • Voivodship Inspectorates of Agricultural and Food Quality
  • Voivodship Inspectorates of Plant Health and Seed Inspection
  • District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives
  • District Pharmaceutical Chambers
  • Voivodship Inspectorates of Building Control
  • District Inspectorates of Building Control
  • District Sanitary-Epidemiological Stations
  • District Sea Fisheries Inspectorates
  • cities with poviat status
  • Krajowy Ośrodek Wsparcia Rolnictwa
  • Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych
  • Główny Inspektorat Farmaceutyczny
  • Główny Inspektorat Jakości Handlowej Artykułów Rolno-Spożywczych
  • Główny Urząd Miar
  • Główny Inspektorat Weterynarii
  • Komenda Główna Policji
  • Krajowa Izba Doradców Podatkowych
  • Ministerstwo Finansów
  • Ministerstwo Rozwoju i Technologii
  • Ministerstwo Infrastruktury
  • Ministerstwo Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi
  • Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji
  • Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwości
  • Ministerstwo Klimatu i Środowiska
  • Ministerstwo Zdrowia
  • Narodowy Bank Polski
  • Państwowa Agencja Atomistyki
  • Polski Klub Wyścigów Konnych
  • Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej
  • Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego
  • Urząd Transportu Kolejowego
  • Wyższy Urząd Górniczy
  • Główny Inspektorat Transportu Drogowego
  • Urząd Patentowy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
  • Urząd Rejestracji Produktów Leczniczych, Wyrobów Medycznych i Produktów Biobójczych
  • Urząd Dozoru Technicznego
  • Centrum Organizacyjno-Koordynacyjne do Spraw Transplantacji "POLTRANSPLANT"
  • Generalna Dyrekcja Ochrony Środowiska
  • Krajowa Izba Diagnostów Laboratoryjnych
  • Urząd Komisji Nadzoru Finansowego
  • Polska Agencja Nadzoru Audytowego

Annulment of a decision is stated by the higher authority towards the authority which issued the decision, whereas if the decision was issued by the minister or local government appeals board, it is them who state the annulment of decisions.

Enter the chosen location.

What to do step by step

  1. Submitor an application for annulment of a decision (order)

Proceedings for annulment of a decision shall be initiated upon request or ex officio.  An application for the initiation of such a case should be submitted to the higher-level authority in relation to the authority which adopted the decision and, if the decision has been issued by a minister or a local-government appeals board shall, to that authority.

Higher degree authorities are:  
1) in relation to local government bodies — self-government appeal boards, unless separate provisions provide otherwise;  
2) in relation to local governors - competent ministers;  
3) in relation to the public administration bodies other than those referred to above — the relevant authorities or competent ministers, or in case of their absence - state bodies supervising their activities;  
4) towards social organisations -  the relevant higher-level authorities of those organisations, in their absence - state body supervising their activities.


  1. The authority will check your application

The authority primarily checks whether in your case there are reasons for annulment of decision.

  1. You will receive a decision on the annulment of the decision or refusal to annul a decision (order)

Proceedings will result in the issue of a decision (order), in which the authority:  
1) annuls the decision (order), 
2) finds that decision (order) is in breach of the law and indicates why it did not annul the decision (order);  
3) refuses to initiate proceedings on the annulment of a decision (order), 
4) refuses to annul the existing decision, as it finds no reasons for annulment.


You will receive a document as:
You will receive a document as:

How much you will have to pay

The service is free of charge

How long you will have to wait

Your case will be settled within one month. This period may be extended to two months, subject to notification by the official.

How can you appeal

The decision issued as a result of the annulment proceedings is a decision issued in first instance.  If you are dissatisfied with this decision, you may appeal against it.   
For more information on appeal against a decision issued at first instance visit 

Similarly is where the proceeding is finalised by order.  If you are dissatisfied with this you can lodge a complaint.

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