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Certificate of REGON number

Do you want to obtain a certificate that confirms that you have a REGON number? Please note that this is already confirmed by the Office's posting of information about your company on the Central Statistical Office's website. The Office will also provide you with such a certificate. However, the statistical office will only do this at your request. See below how you can obtain a certificate.

How to proceed

This procedure can be completed:

  • at an office
  • by post
  • electronically
Complete the procedure online Complete the service online, you will need a Trusted Profile or a qualified signature.

What you should know and who can use this service

The REGON number is confirmed by posting information about your company on the GUS website.

In the GUS register search engine you can also check the REGON number for your establishment or branch. This is possible after you have obtained an entry in the REGON register for a local unit.

If you have obtained your REGON number on the basis of your CEIDG or KRS entry, you will be able to check your REGON number in the CEIDG search engine or KRS search engine.

Certificate only in the office

If you are a national economic entity entered in the REGON register, the statistical office will issue you with a certificate at your request. This applies to your company or local unit if you are:

  • a legal entity (e. g. a limited liability company) or an organisational unit without legal personality (e. g. ordinary association, housing community);
  • natural person - you run a business activity (e. g. an entrepreneur entered in CEIDG).

Regardless of the form in which you run your business, a REGON certificate will be issued by the statistical office.

Print the confirmation of entry

Remember that you do not need to have a certificate. All you have to do is print out the REGON registration information from the GUS website. To do this, go to the GUS page, enter your REGON number and print the entry confirmation. Such a printout is a confirmation of entry in the REGON register.

When you should complete this procedure

Submit the request at any time after receiving entry in the REGON register.

Where you can complete this procedure

You can complete this procedure at:

  • Statistical Offices
To find out where to complete service enter
If you are not an entrepreneur, provide place of residence.

What to do step by step

  1. Apply for a REGON number certificate.

In the request, specify your data (e. g. first name and company details, REGON identification number). You can also specify the address at which the office will send you the certificate).

You can collect the certificate in person or through an attorney-in-fact.


Time limit

Submit the request at any time after receiving entry in the REGON register.

  1. The office will issue you with the REGON certificate.


You will receive a document as:

How much you will have to pay

The service is free of charge

How long you will have to wait

The Office will issue you with a certificate within 7 working days of receiving your request.

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