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What should you know if you want to handle a matter in an office

Dealing with issues online, sending letters to the office, Trusted Profile and electronic signature

If you run a business, you will have the opportunity to contact the authorities many times. Your rights in your dealings with the authorities are set out in regulations. The most important principles in contacts between entrepreneurs and offices.

  • What is not prohibited by law, is allowed 

You can run a business freely if you do not break prohibitions or restrictions which are clearly stated in law.

  • Presumption of the honesty of the entrepreneur

You do not have to prove your honesty, doubts about the circumstances of a particular case will be settled in your favour.

  • Friendly interpretation of regulations

Unclear rules should be settled in your favour.

  • Proportionality principle 

Office may not impose on you unjustified burdens, e.g. it should’t request the documents it already holds.

What should you bear in mind if you are handling a matter at an office?

Create a Trusted Profile or create an electronic signature

You can settle most issues related to setting up a company, paying taxes, paying social security contributions electronically. You need the appropriate signature to sign your electronic documents. The most convenient contact with the administration is through the Trusted Profile. It is a kind of electronic signature which is free of charge and is used to confirm your identity when dealing with issues in offices. The electronic signature, on the other hand, is payable, but it allows for the signature of other documents (e.g. electronic invoices or tender documents) in addition to official ones.

If you use electronic banking, in some banks you can sign documents through the bank's website (you must have a Trusted Profile confirmed by the bank).

Use the administration portal for handling matters online

If you already have a Trusted Profile or an electronic signature, use the administration portal for handling matters online. Among them are

Handle matters in the office by

If you register for, you can deal with the most important official matters related to running a business. On the portal you can do several hundred different things online. You can send documents to the offices as a so-called general letter or by using a special form.

Deal with matters through online banking

If you use e-banking, you can sign documents

Use an attorney-in-fact

If you do not have time to run around the offices, you can appoint a representative to deal with official matters for you.

Learn how to deal with official matters.

There are certain procedures and time limits for contacts with the authorities. Administrative proceedings relating to matters such as construction, sanitary, road, agricultural, forestry, industrial and environmental issues are governed by the provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure. It also contains rules for dealing with complaints and applications before state bodies (e.g. ministry), local government bodies (e.g. commune office) and before bodies of social organizations (association, foundation).

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