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Trusted Profile and electronic signature - signing documents sent to offices via the Internet

Would you like to handle an official matter online via or another administration service? To do this, you must confirm your identity and sign an electronic application form that is sent to the office.

You can do this by using it:

  • Trusted Profile (remember that it is used only for contacts with  administration)
  • qualified electronic signature.

Trusted Profile

What is a Trusted Profile?

It is a free tool to prove your identity on the Internet (PESEL). It acts as an electronic signature and is an alternative to a paid qualified signature. You no longer have to print, sign and scan documents. All you need to do is sign them with the Trusted Profile on the Internet.

How to set it up

You can create a Trusted Profile in two ways.

1. Trusted Profile Service

  • open an account with
  • find a confirmation point
  • confirm the Trusted Profile at the confirmation point
  • if you have a qualified electronic signature, you can confirm your profile with this signature

Confirmation point - (banks, offices - also abroad) place where you personally confirm the Trusted Profile with an identity card or passport.

2. Internet bank account

  • Create a Trusted Profile by an account in your bank (, ING, Inteligo, Millennium, Bank Pekao, PKO BP, BZ WBK, mBank).
  • you do not need to confirm anything anymore, the bank itself will forward your data to the service

Expiry date

Your Trusted Profile is valid for 3 years. After this time, you can extend its validity for another 3 years.

How to use it

When you file an application with the office, you must always sign it. You can do this via the Internet by means of a Trusted Profile or bank account (if you have confirmed the Trusted Profile online).

With the help of the Trusted Profile you will settle most issues concerning the company (e.g. registration of the business, VAT application by CEIDG), data changes, matters in the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), registration of the fiscal cash register).

What you cannot sign with a Trusted Profile?

Remember that with a Trusted Profile:

  • you will not sign tax returns and information (you submit them in e-Deklaracje service, you do not have to have a Trusted Profile)
  • you will not close the limited liability company
  • you will not make any changes to the National Court Register if the company has not been registered online


Remember that the Trusted Profile is only yours and you cannot share it with anyone. It contains your data, the most important of which is the PESEL number.

Giving someone access to your Trusted Profile can be compared to sharing your bank account with someone. It is better not to do this.

Qualified signature (electronic)

What is it

This is your signature in an electronic form. You submit it using a special device (e.g. a token). It is paid (unlike the Trusted Profile).

What does it serve for?

You will sign the documents in electronic form with a qualified signature:

  • for communication with the administration
  • corporate
  • personal

Where can you get it from?

You can buy a qualified signature from one of our suppliers. A list of companies in Poland can be found on the NCCert website. You can also use an e-signature issued by qualified entities in any EU country.

The price depends on:

  • the supplier of your choice

  • the period of validity of the certificate
  • type of signature-creation device (usb card reader, usb-token or pcmcia)

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