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100 tonnes of pasta prepared every day in a modern Lublin factory

Lublin pasta plants has been included in Maspex Group in 2013. Since then Maspex has invested PLN 400 million in Lublin . Lubella has increased its production capacity eight times and currently is able to produce up to 170 000 tonnes of cereal products (pasta, breakfast cereals, flour, groats) per year.

Lubella as the only producer of cereal products in Poland mills grains on its own. It is possible thanks to a modernized durum wheat mill . It is one of the most modern mills in this part of Europe at the moment. Annually the company buys 100,000 tonnes of wheat.

The new production complex for manufacturing of pasta together with automated logistics centre represents an investment worth PLN 130 million. The investment is located within the Lublin subzone of the Special Economic Zone Euro-Park Mielec.

In Lubella factory in Lublin there were built a production and storage hall as well as automated high bay warehouse of 27,000 m2 surface. There has also been launched a pasta production line with a capacity of 100 tonnes per day.

The new warehouse can accommodate 26,000 pallets. All manufacturing and logistics processes are automated. As a result of this investment 60 jobs has been created.

Lubella’s products are exported to more than 20 countries including the UK, USA, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Do you know that …?

The food specialities industry is one the twelve priority industries supported by the Polish government.