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What you need to know before you can register a company with the office

Registering your business will require several important decisions, which will determine, among other things, what taxes you will pay and what your obligations as an entrepreneur will be.

Have you decided to set up a company and already chosen the form of business? Congratulations! Now is the time to register it. Be well prepared before you register with the office. Registering your business will require several important decisions, which will determine, among other things, what taxes you will pay and what your obligations as an entrepreneur will be. Do not act hastily. Think about when you want to start a business and what name to give it. If you are well prepared for registration, it will run quickly and without any problems.

  • If you want to set up a one-man business and have any questions about registration, call 801 055 088 or 22 765 67 32 for help

What you should be aware of before registering your business?

Check if you need to register your company

It is not always necessary to register a business. Check out the cases in which you should set up a company. If you do a small business and your revenues do not exceed 50% of the minimum wage throughout the year, you can run a so-called non-registered business and you do not have to report it to the office.

Choose the type of company taxation

As an entrepreneur, you will have the choice of several forms of taxation. Choose one that allows you to pay the lowest possible taxes. Remember that you will not be able to change it at any time. When registering, you will need to specify not only the form of taxation, but also the method of paying tax advances (monthly or quarterly). The type of accounting you use for your business will also depend on the tax you choose. If you did not have a NIP, you will receive it automatically upon registration - you do not need to apply for a NIP additionally.

Think about when you want your business to start

In your application for a company registration, you must enter a specific date of commencement (which may be later than the date on which you file your application). Register your company if you have sufficient funds to run it, an equipped office and a business plan for your company. Remember that with registration you take over the duties of an entrepreneur concerning, among others, the payment of social security contributions. Why is the start date so important? If you take advantage of the ZUS start allowance and, for example, set up a company at the beginning of the month, then the period of 6 months without ZUS social security contributions will start to count. However, if you register your activity in the middle of the month, the 6-month discount period will not start to run until the next full month.

Choose a good name for your company

Every activity must have its own name (company name). It should be simple and easy to remember. For the simplest activities, the name must include your first and last name. Before you register, you can check on the Internet whether someone is using the name of your choice.

Determine what your company will do and select the PKD codes

When registering a company you have to report what kind of activity you will run - in the application you enter the so called PKD code. The type of activity will determine, among other things, how you will be taxed and also other obligations (e.g. having a cash register).

Think about where you want to open a business account

Before you register a company you can check which bank offers the best conditions for a business account. You can use a private account, but a separate account for your company is much more convenient. Some banks allow you to open a company account before you register. In others, you will only be able to do this after you have registered your company. Once you have opened an account, you will need to report the account number to the office.

Are you afraid of complicated procedures? Use the telephone support or set up a company through your bank

If you want to register a company but you are afraid whether you will be able to fill in the application form correctly, you can get free help. Call 801 055 088 or 22 765 67 32 or Help Centre at You can also set up a company via electronic banking (in PKO BP and mBank). You will get the help you need to register your business.

Create a Trusted Profile or an electronic signature

Before you register a company, we encourage you to create a Trusted Profile. It is a free tool to confirm your identity. Thanks to the Profile you will be able to register your company online and deal with other official matters electronically. The same function has the electronic signature (it is payable in contrast to the Trusted Profile).

I already know what I need to register my company. What next?

Are you ready to register? Check the leaflet

There you will find information about important duties related to setting up a business, such as

  • reporting to the insurance in ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), cooperating persons and employees
  • in the case of partnerships - reporting to the tax office such data as, among others, the business address, place of keeping accounting records)
  • VAT registration (in the case of one-man companies, you can do it during the registration process)
  • registering a fiscal cash register (if you sell goods to natural persons or run a company that is obliged to pay VAT)
  • bank account (if you did not open one before registration)
  • obtaining a licence or an entry in the registers of regulated activity.

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